Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Technical High Schools Do A Better Job In Connecticut

Employers looking to hire new workers for manufacturing jobs find graduates of Connecticut's technical high school system to be much better prepared than those coming out of our traditional high schools. A just released survey of business and manufacturing companies in Connecticut demonstrates the strength of the technical education system. 61% of employers said they were satisfied or highly satisfied with employees coming out of the technical high schools, but only 28% were satisfied with those coming from a traditional high school.

Also interesting is that there is almost no difference in employer satisfaction with new workers who come from a 2-year community college versus a 4-year college.

But the survey was not all good news - despite a desire to hire more workers for good paying jobs in the manufacturing sector, employers say they need a better trained workforce. The biggest problems? Lack of math and reading skills, poor work ethic, not showing up on time for work, and a lack of skills. 

The employer survey shows that there are companies looking to hire, but they need better employees with stronger education in the science and technical areas -- and basic skills are needed too.

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